Retail Suite.Loyalty&CRM

Do you know…

  • How to get customers’ attention and lure them to your store?
  • Are good smell, colour, light, polite shop assistants and large number of goods on the shelves sufficient for customers?
  • Is it real to treat every customer personally?
  • How to make customers visit your store more frequently?
  • How to make your store more attractive for customers by decreasing discounts and not scaling them up?



This is a personal marketing tool helping your company to find an effective way to the customers.

To find a way to your customer’s heart and make him\her coming back time and again it is necessary to manage your relations with the customers. Loyalty Management System implementation is vitally important to any retailer independent of its line of business, sales volume and maturity stage.

When RS.Loyalty&CRM is utilised by a retail chain it allows increasing the sales and profit as well as improving key performance indicators of the company due to

  • competitive power growth from the customers’ point of view comparing to other retail chains
  • tying up a regular customer
  • preserving and increasing sales level due to regular customers
  • stimulating a regular customer to enlarge one-time purchase
  • financially rewarding a customer depending on its activity
  • promoting company’s products and services through a regular customer
  • luring new customers
  • generating personal offers to the company’s customer


RS.Loyalty&CRM Benefits

  1. Loyalty and reward programmes of any complexity and combination: promo, discounts, rebates, bonuses, scores\points limit.
  2. Coupons, club prices and other means to attract customers;
  3. Wide possibilities to personify customers and generate personal offers (products, promos, services) based on the following:
    1. cohort analysis and customers segmentation;
    2. questionnaire analysis based on customer personal data;
    3. RFM-analysis
  4. Guaranteed timely customer notification system (POS terminal, SMS, e-mail, personal account)
  5. High performance and stable system operation;
  6. Possibility for stores to operate standalone, off HQ comm lines, preserving full functionality;
  7. Easy installation, easy set-up, easy scale-up.


Eventually every retailer will face the following questions:

  • How to service an individual customer?
  • How to define the depth and detail of such interactions?
  • How and what to offer to an individual customer to make him\her surely buy it?

A customer should be offered a set of privileges equal to its shopping activity and RS.Loyalty&CRM being a full scale CRM solution for the retail business makes it practicable.

The system allows storing customer data of any kind (its date of birth or number of children and their names).

To understand “who is our customer?” and consider this information when creating marketing campaigns it is necessary to draw up a right questionnaire and take into account all you need to know about your customers, for example, their gender, age, marital status, children, social status etc. This classification will allow generating direct reward programmes being dependent on any parameter set in the questionnaire.

When there is an accrued statistic data, sales and card usage history it is possible to analyse and classify customer groups united by an attribute. For example, customers of a specific store or best customers of the month who can be rewarded with extra bonuses.

Based on such analysis you are capable of designing a customer relations management system. The backbone of the system is that customers feel personal attitude created by you. But in the reality you interact with customer groups.

Knowing your customers you are able not only to tie up the most valuable and prospect ones but also to attract new customers and return those who left you.


Managing Customer Loyalty

How to make customers come frequently, buy more and bring their friends?

When interacting with its customers a retailer should not only stimulate the sales within a short period of time but also to retain and increase the number of its regular customers. The tool that is capable to do this could be a reward programme as the most efficient and exciting way to interact with the customers.

By utilising RS.Loyalty&CRM you can manage personal relations with your customers in a fast and efficient way. You are not limited to a simple discount but capable to implement programmes of any complexity and being widely ranged. Customer rewards programmes can contain accumulation and limit discounts, bonus limit and accumulation schemes, meanwhile they can function simultaneously and their consolidation rules can be set forth. The programmes depend on customer’s data, time, receipt item number, customer history for the previous periods. However one should remember that every reward programme should be clear to its customers.

Your fantasy and creativity can be limited only by the knowledge of your customer needs!

You can arrange lotteries, give gifts, coupons and render other services. And RS.Loyalty will help you define customer groups to be provided with a particular service.



How to stay connected to your customer?

With RS.Loyalty&CRM assistance you can inform customers on your offers using a great number of comm channels. The system provides tools to arrange targeted E-mail or SMS marketing, send out notifications or reminders through customer profile accounts. You can tune your offers to be sent to specific customer groups and these offers can bear a personal touch for the customer to feel your personal attitude thereto thus it will positively contribute to the sales level.

The Profile Account within RS.Loyalty&CRM allows the customer both viewing or editing its personal data and receiving information on its purchases and accumulated bonuses.

It is possible to arrange a personified service for customers even at the checkouts. RS.Loyalty&CRM can provide a cashier with customer’s data, its rewards set forth in the system.

By utilising RS.Loyalty&CRM you can always notify your customer upfront on upcoming promos and offers.

Please do not spam your customers. Use this time to create a personal offer!


Business Intelligence

RS.Loyalty&CRM analytical module allows creating various reports that can analyse customers, cards, reward programmes, comm channel operation as well as assign customers to target groups by selected parameters for further targeted marketing.

You are provided with the access to various reports like:

  • Customer Activity Analysis
  • Expiring Bonuses Analysis
  • New and Lost Customers
  • Reward Programme Performance
  • Mailing Analysis
  • Customer Preferences
  • Receipts and Transactions
  • Loyalty Card Analysis
  • Purchase Fraud
  • Business Indicators by Customer Analysis
  • and others…

It is possible to enhance analytical functions of RS.Loyalty&CRM by using RS.Analytics.QS system that provides more detailed analysis of your customer database, sales KPIs analysis, assists to distribute customers by selected parameters (including RFM segmentation and cohort analysis) as well as performs further activity analysis regarding every target group.

SOA of the solution enables you to create full functioning, reliable and easy structured integration with other systems. It allows quick, trouble free and secure data exchange implementation.

RS.Loyalty&CRM is a member of Retail Suite EcoSystem being a consolidated information area to enhance retail processes management.